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Build your additive strategy.

Working with your leadership teams and across your business, we craft bold and compelling strategies that leverage 3D printing to create new value, improve efficiency and drive growth.


of digital transformation initiatives fail because of a focus on technology and a neglect of solid business strategy

Companies large and small often believe all it takes to transform their business with 3D printing is to buy a 3D printer.  In fact, buying a 3D printer should be the last step on your additive transformation journey. 


We have built additive transformation strategies for many different companies in many different industries, and consistently those

who have a clear and coherent additive transformation roadmap for

3D printing see significantly improved outcomes from their additive investments.

At RETHINK, we deliver additive transformation programs designed to deliver strategic insights and actionable roadmaps that highlight your opportunities, flag potential risks, validate business decisions, and provide investment confidence.  Because the most important thing you'll ever make with 3D printing is the right decision.

Harvard Business Review


transformation audit

Understand the impact of 3D printing on your business, supply chain and market, so you can confidently decide where, when and how to invest and implement the technology.


additive innovation

See how 3D printing can innovate new products, services and business models that can grow your top line, and develop an additive innovation strategy to take those opportunities from concept to reality.

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