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Assess your organisations readiness to adopt 3D printing and define specific applications or operations where 3D printing could add strategic value.


find the parts of your business where 3D printing makes sense

4 - 6 weeks

Increasingly, 3D printing is becoming a key differentiator for companies looking to lead their industries; advancing their products, streamlining their supply chains and improving their internal processes.  These disruptors identified the benefits of 3D printing in their business, and took the leap.

For many organisations however, just taking the first step into 3D printing can appear as an immense jump.  Without having a clear understanding of how the technology will impact and benefit your business, how do you know where to start?

Rather than follow the crowd, you can ask RETHINK to dispel the fog of uncertainty and diagnose the strategic impact 3D printing will have on your business, giving you a clear picture of where and how 3D printing fits within your organisation, how it can address your business needs and allow you to take your first steps as a disruptive, 3D printing led business with certainty.

why undertake an additive transformation audit?

With little time or resources, how do you know where 3D printing should be applied within your company?

How disruptive will 3D printing be to your customers, and are your competitors using it to disrupt your market?

Is 3D printing ready to solve today's business challenges or should you just keep watching and waiting?

Will the impact of 3D printing be felt within your business directly, or across your supply chain?


before you start your journey, 

be sure of your destination


highlight where

3D printing can transform your business

Understanding where 3D printing can add value is harder said than done.  Taking an objective approach, we assess your industry and your organisation, highlighting where 3D printing provides opportunities, as well as risks, inside and outside your business. 


Assess your organisations ability to adopt additive

Contrary to what you might have heard, 3D printing is not a plug-and-play technology, it is a business-wide undertaking.  By measuring your organisations readiness to adopt 3D printing, you can be ready to address corporate, cultural and competency roadblocks that could derail your 3D printing initiatives.


a plan-for-action for your additive transformation

Now you know where and how 3D printing can transform your business, we provide our expert recommendations on what steps you should take next, from technology investment and contract manufacturing pilots, to additive strategy development and skills training.


a diagnostic approach to uncovering 3d printing opportunity

Using our structured approach, we develop a deep understanding of your business that informs our recommendations. To do this, we review your operating model, value offering and strategy. We then examine external forces impacting your business, including competitors, market forces and industry trends. 


Combining this insight of your business along with our years of experience and robust analytical tools, we identify the most high-value 3D printing opportunities for your business.  Finally, we provide a plan-of-action that details your next steps for additive investment that's in line with your business goals and over all strategy.

stage 1

review your organisation

We work with your personnel to understand your internal business functions, process chains, products, services and channels so we can accurately map the insertion points for 3D printing.

> Core business offerings 

> Discrete business functions 

> Supply chain configuration

> Customer value chain

stage 2

Explore trends in your industry

By analysing your business landscape, supply chain and competitors we can asses how 3D printing is impacting and being adopted across your industry and how you can get ahead of the disruption.

> Emerging 3D printing trends

> Industry and economic shifts

> Customer trends

> Competitive landscape

stage 3

Asses your capacity for change

Adopting 3D printing as a technology solution requires more than hardware.  Looking at several key metrics, we provide a measurement of your 3D printing adoption readiness.

> Corporate alignment

> Organisational flexibility 

> Skills competency

stage 4

identify areas of opportunity

We combine our insight of your business with our deep additive expertise to map the opportunities for 3D printing across your supply chain and product lifecycle, then rack and stack these opportunities by value and feasibility.

> Product value improvement

> Portfolio expansion

> New customer experience

> Labour cost reduction

> Development cycle reduction

stage 5

Outline a plan for transformation

Once we have highlighted the main opportunities and impacts of 3D printing on your business, we consider the steps required to either embrace or avoid them.

This plan-for-action is wholly unique to both the outcomes of the audit process as well as your business objectives and strategic goals in the context of 3D printing.

> Technology investment

> Contract manufacturing pilots

> Strategy development

> Organisational skills development

ready to discover how 3d printing can help transform your business?

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