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3D printing

We help you make 3D printing deliver results fast, identifying opportunities, creating ideas and validating solutions.  Using a variety of fast-paced and engaging 3D printing innovation methods, we help you accelerate your journey to 3D printing adoption.


of surveyed companies are using 3D printing to accelerate productivity, efficiency, innovation and growth.

Ernst Young

Over the last 5 years, the number of companies applying 3D printing has almost tripled, with the technology increasing in strategic importance as a key differentiator for growth and productivity. For many companies however, the process of investigating and experimenting to find where 3D printing makes sense can appear daunting, long and expensive.


To help those companies accelerate their journey to 3D printing adoption, we take a "boots on the ground" approach, substituting month long desk analysis and conference calls with fast-paced, intensive and engaging team workshops and on-site appraisals.

Whether the goal is to upskill your business teams on 3D printing and challenge the status-quo, or provide the knowledge and tools for your colleagues to develop 3D printing concepts and solutions that address your biggest business challenges, RETHINK has developed a series of processes that deliver insight and results fast to kick-start your journey to 3D printing adoption.


business training

Turn your organisation into one that thinks additively, upskilling your teams with a deep and practical expertise on 3D printing technology, applications, economics and business strategy.


3d business hackathon

A multi-week series of online seminars and workshops that allows your teams across timezones and geographies to learn about 3D printing and participate in the innovation process.


3d printing innovation sprint

Want to go from idea to reality fast?  Our Additive Innovation Sprints take your through the process of exploring, ideating and pitching 3D printing product, service and business concepts in under 5 days.

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additive business diagnostic

Through hands-on analysis and team exercises, discover, evaluate and prioritize where across your business there are opportunities for 3D printing to drive growth and reduce costs.


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