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how we

Regardless if you are new to additive or an established power user, a fortune 500 or a pioneering start-up, we can guide you on your
3D printing journey with strategic consulting, workshops, training and education services.

What we can do for you

We provide a range of 3D printing education, innovation and operations consulting services, categorised by their scope and duration into 3 groups; Strategy consulting, Accelerate workshops and Education days.  Whether you need a full additive strategy partner, or a quick and trusted expert opinion, we can help.  We tailor all our client engagements to match you unique demands, and if we can't provide what you need, as trusted advisors we will recommend someone who can.

2 to 6 month

We can support companies and organisations in the development of their 3D printing strategies, helping them identify, quantify and map the opportunities and solutions for 3D printing.

  • Transformation Audit

  • Additive Innovation Strategy

Have a specific strategic project in mind?

1 to 2 week
workshops & trainings


We can help companies kick-start their 3D printing journey by delivering short, intensive workshops focused on upskilling teams, creating 3D printing solutions or mapping out business opportunities.

  • Additive Business Training

  • 3D Sprint

  • Business Hackathon

Interested in a bespoke workshop?

1 day

workshops & events

We offer 1 day activities, events and workshops, each tightly focused and structured around specific topics and designed as a means of allowing a business to explore 3D printing quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Introduction to Additive

  • Additive Innovation Day

Need something more specific?

bespoke partnerships, projects and research

If you have a specific challenge or request, we are always open to bespoke engagements and projects, as well as knowledge transfer, education partnerships and research programs.

  • Keynotes and events

  • Public partnerships

  • Research program participation

Could Rethink be your next partner?

our values underpin how we work with our clients

Our values underpin our approach to working with you.  We apply a rigorous approach, a rich suite of tools and our years of experience to identify the impact that 3D printing can have on your business.  Above all else, we strive to make every project engaging, collaborative and high energy.

we are

A business is much more than a spreadsheet, so to ensure our recommendations are as impactful and actionable as possible, we engage in site visits, customer visits, focus groups, team interviews and more to truly understand your business, your supply chain, your customers, your needs.

we make it

We are not your average suit-and-tie consultants.  We believe the best results are achieved by creating engaging, hands-on experiences that inspire ideas, challenge preconceptions and involve people more than powerpoints.  Whenever we engage with a client, we strive to make it memorable.

we keep it

Throughout any project, we strive to work with the client and their teams as much as possible, ensuring they are engaged and involved at every stage.  This not only ensures the client has full visibility of the process, but that teams have ownership and trust in the outcomes and recommendations.

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