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innovation day.

A hands-on, quick-fire forum where your teams explore
3D printing applications and case studies, and use additive innovation tools to generate their own concepts.


A hands-on 3D printing innovation day that pushes you to think big and be bold

3D printing is widely seen as a pivotal innovation technology; a key driver for businesses to stay ahead of the competition, deliver new products and amaze customers.


But leveraging the power of 3D printing to innovate new value propositions can be daunting.  For all the unique capabilities of 3D printing, most organisations don't know where and how to begin leveraging these advantages.

At RETHINK, we combine our deep 3D printing knowledge, industry experience and unique additive innovation methodologies to help you form strong, coherent and long term additive innovation and growth strategies. 

1 day


Build a business worth of
3D printing ideas, in one day


build a team that thinks additively

Give your teams the fundamental knowledge of 3D printing they need to create concepts and solutions that make technological sense as much as they do business sense.


Quickly build 3D printing concepts

Through quick-fire and thought-provoking ideation methods, generate a wealth of 3D printing solutions that align to the needs and goals of your business.


Get your teams thinking bigger

With tools, presentations and innovation exercises, your teams will have the confidence to use 3D printing to tackle business challenges big and small.


a fast-paced, intensive 1 day dive into 3d printing innovation

A 3D printing innovation day is a fast-paced, hands-on event that pushes people to create, collaborate and challenge the status-quo.  With only 8 hours available, the day is a highly co-ordinated series of engaging activities that explores 3D printing technologies, applications and value as a tool for business innovation.   Channelling this new found knowledge and insight, individuals and teams apply Rethink additive innovation tools to create and build 3D printing concepts relevant to the business, collaborating and prioritizing these as a group.

Explore how 3D printing works, is applied, and is being leveraged by others to drive growth, reduce costs, improve efficiency and push what's possible.

> Technology 101

> Additive applications

> Business value framework

> Case study safaris

3D printing technology, applications and a tool for innovation

Begin capturing your 3D printing concepts through a series of innovation exercises and tools.  Participants typically produce 20+ concepts each at this stage.

> Innovation games

> Team challenges

> 3DP innovation tools

> Recap of 3DP history

Concept ideation and brainstorm exercises

Using a series of metrics, determine the top concepts from the group, then work as teams to expand these concepts into detailed value propositions.

> Poster sessions

> Value vs feasibility analysis

> Concept deployment plans


Downselect and develop winning ideas into winning business plans

To wrap up the day, each team presents their 3D printing proposition and action plan to the group, collecting feedback and agreeing on next steps.

> Concept proposition

> Technology selection

> Business ownership

> Next steps

Pitch and present
3D printing action plans to the group

ready to spend the day building your next great
3d printing innovation? 

Get in touch and let's discuss your challenge

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