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about rethink

We’re a world leading 3D printing consultancy with a decade of experience in every aspect of 3D printing.  During that time, we’ve earned a reputation for our honest and open collaboration, impartial and personal advice, and being there for our clients at every stage of the process.

the first thing
3d printing
should make
for your


We know the first thing that 3D printing should make for your business is sense! Rethink Additive understands the impacts that additive manufacturing has on organizational success.  We’re here to guide you at every part of the process, ensuring the right solution is implemented seamlessly and successfully, regardless if that solution is a technology, a new business model or a supply chain configuration. Your success is what motivates us, and we are driven to bring you the answers, insights and results you need.


It’s this, combined with our extensive technical and business knowledge, that enables us to be impartial, methodical and transformative with all our clients.

why our clients love
working with us


industry experience

We are backed by 8 years experience providing 3D printing consulting services to a range of partners from Fortune 500s to ambitious start-ups, and across a wide array of industries. 

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independent & objective

Our consulting recommendations are always analysis-driven, evidence based and built from a thorough understanding of our partners business goals.


collaborative & open to all

Our attitude is a rising tide lifts all boats, so as we develop new insights and knowledge, we share these as tools, guides and seminars freely so anyone can use these to begin innovating.


unique insight & perspectives

Working across dozens of industries for hundreds of clients, we have developed a talent for spotting patterns, synergies and opportunities for 3D printing that most others would miss.

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network of industry experts

During our years of consulting, we have built a vast network of industry experts that we can work with and bring their skills to our clients project, from machine vendors to service bureaus, research institutes to consortiums.


meaningful & actionable results

Whether it's a full length strategy engagement or a one day workshop, we ensure our clients receive clear, actionable outcomes and recommendations so they can continue their 3D printing journey once we step away.


our way
of working

Through a range of services, we work to identify the impact that 3D printing can have on your business.


our tools
& guides

We are continuously building unique tools and guides to support 3D printing adoption, accessible to all.


our latest

Learn about 3D printing innovation and delve deep into our unique perspectives and insights.

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