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business hackathon.

A series of on-line AM seminars and workshops allowing individuals across the business to join in the innovation process and develop their own AM concepts.


everyone across your organisation an additive innovator

4 - 3 days

over 5 - 6 weeks

Where an intensive, corporate level workshop works for tackling the big, long-term and complex 3D printing opportunities, it can miss the many quick, simple ones that can turn-around quickly and make an impact fast.  To spot these quick-wins, you need everyone in your business looking for them, but not everyone can attend a workshop.

At RETHINK, we have developed a unique format we call an additive business hackathon.  An online series of workshops where everyone in your organisation can join in on the innovation process, learn about 3D printing, it's application and it's benefits, and develop their own 3D printing concepts and solutions to present at the end of the hackathon.  A great way of mobilizing all the talent across you organisation to innovate with 3D printing and build a company-wide culture that thinks additively.

why should your teams participate in a hackathon

Do you want to engage teams across your business to innovate with 3D printing?

Are you looking for quick-wins and rapid solutions that can't be found from a top-down approach?

Are your colleagues and teams unable to meet in a single time and place, but want to engage in 3D printing innovation?

Is there an interest across the business to explore 3D printing as a business solution?


Let your colleagues innovate,
No matter who or where they are


Bring together your entire organisation

You can't fit everyone in a conference room, but you can in a chatroom.  An online hackathon allows you to bring anyone and everyone across your business to engage in the innovation process. This not only taps into a great wealth of talent that can often be overlooked, but brings your colleagues into the process giving them a sense of ownership, excitement and pride.


Have colleagues 
pitch business plans

Working in tiger teams, build action plans for your 3D printing business solutions that contains detailed concept descriptions, value and cost estimates and timeframes, then pitch these to the business and a panel of senior stakeholders.  Similar to a Shark Tank style pitch, teams get to own their concepts and demonstrate their ideas to senior business leaders.


Find under-the-radar opportunities

No one can be everywhere at once, but opportunities can be.  Taking a bottom-up approach allows you to find the pain points and opportunities that can only be spotted by folks on the ground, but not in an executive workshop.  Individually these may be incremental in value, but collectively they can add up to a serious opportunity to rival any corporate-conceived big hair audacious goal! 


Empowered colleagues,
expert support,
inspired ideas

An additive business hackathon is a multi-week journey where participants explore different facets of 3D printing and learn new frameworks and innovation tools each week.  As they progress, they ideate concepts and find solutions to paint points and opportunities in their area of the business, and develop these into detailed business proposals with continual check-ins and support from Rethink.


This journey culminates with each team having built a 3D printing action plan for their concept, which they pitch to the larger group and to a selected panel of senior business stakeholders who can quiz the team on their concepts, dive into the details and decide whether they want to "invest" in each business proposal.

week 1

An introductory session bringing together all participants of the hackathon to explain the process, define the objectives and set participant obligations.

> Present the process and timeline

> Set clear goals and scope

> Assign key stakeholders

> Get participants excited!

week 1

In a series of webinars, explore how 3D printing can be used as a tool for solving problems and how it can be applied in various business contexts to reduce costs and drive growth.

> Case study safaris

> Principles of 3D printing value

> Technology bootcamp

> Applications of 3D printing

week 2-3

Now you understand how 3D printing can add value, learn to use Rethinks ideation tools and begin capturing your own 3D printing concept and solutions.

> Ideation tool training

> Opportunity hunting sessions

> Concept prioritisation tools

> Time-limited ideation challenges

week 4

Through a series of group surveys, off-line assessment by Rethink and key inputs from key business stakeholders, we rank concepts by feasibility and value and form synergy groups of similar concepts.

> Value and feasibility analysis

> Group surveys and input

> Synergy analysis

> Concept clustering

week 5-6

To develop the top concepts further, individuals who had similar ideas or grouped into digital tiger teams, working together to develop a more detailed business proposal for their concept.

> Exploring 3D printing innovation

> Additive opportunity scoping

> Ideation and co-creation

> Business case generation

week 6

With coaching and support from Rethink, each team will take to the digital stage and "pitch" their 3D printing initiative to the group and a shark-tank panel of business decision makers.

> Create an additive business plan

> Present concept value and KPIs

> Recognize team efforts and talent

ready to turn everyone across your business into a 3D printing innovator?

Get in touch and let's discuss your challenge

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