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Introduction to 3d printing.

Across one intensive, fast-paced day, build a foundational business knowledge of 3D printing technologies, applications and benefits and how it is driving innovation across industries.


30 years of 3D printing,
in one day.

1 day

Are you interested in 3D printing, but unsure how to build a clear and objective understanding?  Whilst there is a wealth of information on 3D printing available online, quite often it can be overly complex, bias in the favour of certain technologies, full of hype and grandiose claims, or more often just plain boring.


At Rethink, we have built a concise, objective and engaging crash course in 3D printing, providing you and your colleagues all the information, insights, tools and contacts you need to build a complete understanding of what 3D printing is, and giving you the confidence to begin exploring, applying and investing in the technology with more confidence and direction.


Invest in a future-ready workforce, not just futuristic technology


all the knowledge to start your journey

Explore every angle of 3D printing to form a 360 degree understanding, from discrete 3D printing technologies and applications to economics, business value and industry case studies.


learn what you need to get started, fast

Rather than invest weeks or months assigning teams to research 3D printing, a one day crash course provides all the knowledge and insight you need to kick off your 3D printing journey.


Access a range of tools and resources

Learn to use and apply various 3D printing tools and guides developed by Rethink within your business to train other teams, validate ideas or assess technologies and applications.


A practical, engaging, fast-paced course

Take one day to learn everything you need about 3D printing.  Divided into distinct modules, we cover 3D printing technologies, applications, business benefits and industry adoption.  A combination of presentations, games, quizzes and challenges keep the day active and engaging, whilst participants progressively build their own 3D printing guidebook containing reference material, tools and guides to use after the course.

Set the objectives, agenda and introduce participants.  Kick off with some warm-up games, then strap in for a quick 3D printing history lesson.

> Introduce participants

> Present agenda

> Warm-up exercises

> Recap of 3DP history

The first 30 years;
an introduction
to 3d printing

1.5 HOUR
a breakdown of 3D printing processes, platforms and materials

3D printing is not a monolith.  Examine the major 3D processes, as well as the many unique platforms, technologies, and the printable palette of materials.

> 7 standard classifications

> Discrete platforms

> 3D printable materials

> Tech selection games

1.5 HOUR
segmenting 3d printing applications, economics and deployments

Through a range of frameworks and tools, we segment the various applications of 3D printing and associated economics and methods of deployment.

> 3DP maturity scales

> Deployment architypes

> Application frameworks

> 3DP economics study

1.5 HOUR
understanding the business value of
3d printing

Now you understand how 3D printing works, why should you care?  Learn how to identify and communicate the business value of 3D printing.

> Business value framework

> Case study analysis

> Drivers and tactics

explore how 3d printing
is impacting different industries

Explore the impact 3D printing is having across industries and markets, and gain insight from some of the biggest success stories in these industries.

> Case study safaris

> Industry mapping

> Lighthouse deep dives

Finish the day looking to the future, what is the trajectory of 3D printing technologies, and see what are your possible next steps to 3DP adoption.

> Future 3DP technologies

> Additive horizons

> Next step resources

0.5 HOUR
the next 30 years;
how to start your
3d printing journey

ready to explore how 3D printing could be your next big business advantage?

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