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business training.

Level-up your organisation with a deep and practical training on 3D printing technologies, applications, economics and business strategy.


3D printing has changed the rules of the game. 

make sure your teams know how to play

3 days

3D printing is challenging many of the established engineering and business rules we are familiar with, from manufacturing requirements to market strategy.  Now more than ever, understanding how the technology opens up new opportunities for growth, efficiency and competitive strength will become a critical factor in business success.


But as the pace of innovation, competition and technology increases daily, how can you rapidly build up your organisations additive expertise to fully understand 3D printing, and begin applying it for maximum impact?


At RETHINK, we have developed a concise, engaging and curated 3 day training course that turns your teams into additive experts.  From deep-diving into technologies and materials, exploring the spectrum of applications, studying economic models and learning business frameworks to deploy the technology, this course covers everything you need to start applying the benefits of 3D printing as quickly as possible; 10 years of experience delivered in 3 days.

why should my organisation join

an additive business course?

Are you struggling to differentiate between the hundreds of 3D printing technology options on the market?

Do you want to better understand the range of 3D printing applications that can support your business?

Do you want to scale up your 3D printing utilization across your business but lack the internal skills and knowledge to do so?

Is 3D printing always and engineering discussion, and you want to build an awareness of the business potential of the technology?


make 3d printing one of

your core business strengths


learn the fundamentals of 3D printing technology

Explore each of the fundamental additive processes and commercial 3D printing technologies, understand how these technologies differ wildly in operation, capabilities and limitations, and discover the palette of 3D printable materials and their compatibility to specific applications and 3D printing processes.


Explore the wide range of additive applications

Cut through the noise of

3D printing promises and hype to discover the true application space for 3D printing, enabling you to clearly understand how 3D printing can add value through specific applications and where it can deliver that value throughout your supply chain and product lifecycle.


understand how to evaluate additive as a business solution

Approach 3D printing as a tool for business growth and learn frameworks and methodologies to evaluate technologies and applications based not only on their engineering requirements, but also on their organisational and strategic costs and benefits.


from novice to expert,
in 3 days

Over a 3 day period, through a mix of seminar learning, workshop exercises, design challenges and tool training, you will build a practical knowledge of 3D printing, learning the fundamentals of additive technologies and materials, how to manage design requirements and printing economics, and how to identify additive business opportunities and quantify their value and feasibility.

Day 1

3D foundations and 

business benefits

Establish a core competency and common language for 3D printing within your team.  Then explore how 3D printing drives business value, learning how to identify and evaluate the business benefits of the technology. 

> Technology background and


> Business benefits framework

> Case study safaris

> Innovation exercises

day 2


materials and design

Deep-dive into each of the fundamental additive processes and their corresponding commercial platforms, understand the importance of design for 3D printing and explore the 3D printable palette of materials and their association to specific processes and applications.

> Technology deep-dives

> Design requirements

    for 3D printing

> Engineering considerations

> Material options

day 3

economics, production and deployment

Learn how to balance the many different trade offs unique to 3D printing, and practice tools to strike the optimal ratio of cost, speed and performance. Then review different additive deployment models and production configurations to understand the benefits and requirements of in-house vs sub-contract AM supply chains.

> Additive economic modelling

> Tactics for part optimization

> Supply chain selection

ready to turn your business teams into
3D printing experts?

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