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3d printing
innovation sprint

Rapidly ideate and develop 3D printing concepts and solutions in a highly-structured and intense set of workshops using a range of innovation tools.


ideate and
3d printing solutions, in under a week

4 - 5 days

Most businesses believe that 3D printing could be of value to them, but most don’t have the knowledge or confidence to know how they should start, and are reluctant to risk spending significant time and substantial budget on a technology where the benefits are unknown.

So at RETHINK, we have designed a rapid, intense and high-structured innovation cycle inspired by Google Ventures Design Sprint methodology that focuses on defining and de-risking 3D printing solutions for your business in days, rather than months.

Working with your teams through a highly-focused process of exploration, ideation, validation and planning, the end result is a series of de-risked 3D printing solutions complete with action-plans that detail each step needed to go from concept to deployment.

why should i participate in an additive innovation sprint?

Does your organisation lack the confidence to invest in 3D printing without a robust assessment of it's benefits?

Is there a need to rapidly identify new ways to reduce manufacturing costs or grow the top line?

Are you struggling to understand how 3D printing can add value to your business?

Do you lack the tools, knowledge and frameworks to engage in a 3D printing innovation cycle? 


from concept to executive pitch, 
in under one week.


Map opportunities, spot disruption

Boot-up your expertise in additive by exploring the foundations of 3D printing, how it delivers value throughout the supply chain and product lifecycle, then then point this new perception inwards to assess your own business and map the 3D printing opportunities across your value propositions, supply chain and industry, targeting and prioritizing the most attractive and most attainable.


validate and de-risk 3D printing concepts

Using a variety of ideation and validation frameworks, as well as proprietary RETHINK tools, we not only generate a wide range of concepts, but continually iterate, evaluate, down-select and validate these concepts, resulting in a final portfolio of 3D printing business solutions and product concepts that are detailed, de-risked and ready to be pitched to your wider organisation.


quick, cost effective

means to kick-off your additive journey

A sprint is a great cost-effective method of quickly exploring and experimenting with how 3D printing can add business value with minimal cost and commitment.  Explore concepts, validate assumptions, test feasibility and draw up plans inside an environment where taking risks and going big is encouraged!


combining design sprint practices with 3d printing expertise

Although the outcomes of each and every additive innovation sprint are unique (and often surprising) to each business, we follow a highly-structured and fast-paced process that guarantees the results are valuable, feasible and in line with the goals of your business.

Using an enhanced version of Google Ventures "Design Sprint" methodology that combines RETHINKs many unique frameworks, tools and experience in 3D printing, we start by understanding and exploring 3D printing as a tool for business innovation.


We then map your opportunities for 3D printing, build concepts, validate solutions and a series of step-by-step action plans containing all the information you need to begin developing your new 3D printing innovations after the week has finished.

day 1

define objectives, 

target opportunities

Build a foundational knowledge of 3D printing, define expectations and objectives, and map where across your business there are opportunities for 3D printing innovation.

> Additive Foundations

> Case study safaris

> Innovation ambition tests

> Opportunity mapping

day 2

ideate concepts, 

solve problems

Applying RETHINKs array of 3D printing innovation tools and methodologies, find solutions and iterate on ideas that meet the 3D printing opportunities in your business and market.

> What-if scenarios

> Future-thinking

> Case study adaptations

> Technology inspiration

day 3

test solutions, 

validate hypotheses

By applying business and technology metrics, begin drilling down through your stack of solutions to identify which show the greatest value and highest chance of success.

> Business alignment

> Disruption value

> Technology availability

> Solution effectiveness

day 4-5

select winning solutions, 

build action-plans

Develop action-plans for each of your validated initiatives, using RETHINK frameworks to define in detail the strategic, managerial, economic and technological requirements and actions to take each solution from paper to reality.

> Stakeholders & ownership

> KPI and value metrics

> Make or buy analysis

> Elevator pitch decks

want to explore, ideate and workshop great ideas for 3D printing?

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