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educate and inspire your teams.

Challenge your team’s mindset and inspire them to rethink what's possible using 3D printing.  Our education programs are designed for businesses to level up their 3D printing understanding and rapidly explore it's potential quickly and efficiently.


of companies surveyed say
3D printing knowledge is the biggest barrier to adoption, more so than quality, TCO or engineering feasibility.

Contrary to most assumptions, the biggest barrier for 3D printing adoption is not printing costs, hardware prices or engineering challenges, but a knowledge of how the technology adds value within a business.


Without this core knowledge of how and where the technology will return value, investing in the technology is a risky bet for any business.  At RETHINK, we want to help organisations de-risk the technology and discover it's potential as a tool for business success. 

During full or half day workshops and events, we can level-up your corporate teams to become 3D printing business experts, deliver inspirational and though-provoking education days, and facilitate innovation workshops to map out how and where 3D printing can transform your business.


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introduction to 3d printing

Across one intensive, fast-paced day, explore and understand 3D printing technologies, it's applications and how it is driving innovation and disruption across industries. 

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additive innovation day

A 3D printing innovation day is the perfect forum to get your teams inspired by 3D printing, develop business relevant 3D printing concepts and learn how to use 3D printing innovation tools.


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expert speaker

Want to inject some additive expertise into your next event?  We give keynotes, participate in panels and facilitate workshops for international shows, business schools and corporate events.

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