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opportunity diagnostic.

Quickly discover, evaluate and prioritize where across your business there are opportunities for 3D printing to drive growth and reduce costs.


your value proposition with an additive

3D printing is widely seen as a pivotal innovation technology; a key driver for businesses to stay ahead of the competition, deliver new products and amaze customers.


As with all things in life, it pays to have a plan.  The same rule applies to 3D printing.  Although the benefits 3D printing can bring to a business are significant and far reaching, not all of these may be relevant to your needs, your strategic goals or your vision.  So before you start thinking about how 3D printing can add value, you should first understand where it can add value.

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why should you develop an additive innovation strategy?

Is a lack of 3D printing technical or commercial knowledge putting a brake on your innovation ambitions?

Do you want to create market-leading propositions, but not sure where to start, or what's possible?

Finding it difficult to shift patterns of thinking within your innovation culture and want to explore new possibilities?

Are you looking to shift from one-off 3D printing initiatives towards a longer-term, holistic additive innovation strategy?


turning great 3D printing ideas, 

into a brilliant business plan

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Map opportunities, spot disruption

Boot-up your expertise in additive by exploring the foundations of 3D printing, how it delivers value throughout the supply chain and product lifecycle, then then point this new perception inwards to assess your own business and map the 3D printing opportunities across your value propositions, supply chain and industry, targeting and prioritizing the most attractive and most attainable.

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validate and de-risk 3D printing concepts

Using a variety of ideation and validation frameworks, as well as proprietary RETHINK tools, we not only generate a wide range of concepts, but continually iterate, evaluate, down-select and validate these concepts, resulting in a final portfolio of 3D printing business solutions and product concepts that are detailed, de-risked and ready to be pitched to your wider organisation.

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quick, cost effective

means to kick-off your additive journey

A sprint is a great cost-effective method of quickly exploring and experimenting with how 3D printing can add business value with minimal cost and commitment.  Explore concepts, validate assumptions, test feasibility and draw up plans inside an environment where taking risks and going big is encouraged!



meaningful innovation isn't miraculous, it's 


Innovation is often seen as a mysterious art, when in reality it is a practical science.  At RETHINK, we have developed our own science for innovation specific to 3D printing, incorporating the best of modern innovation theory with a strong dose technological knowledge and economic realism.

Once we have defined your short and long term objectives for your additive innovation strategy, we "fill the funnel" by collaboratively ideating concepts for 3D printing, drilling down towards your final portfolio of high-value, well-defined additive innovation initiatives.

Assessing each of your top initiatives against a set of technological, economic and production criteria to score their feasibility, we finally map your initiatives to an innovation roadmap, highlighting synergies, partnerships and detailing discrete action items required for you to take your new additive innovations from concept to reality.

stage 1

Define your innovation ambition

Understanding your expectations of 3D printing is key to ensuring the outcomes of the project are relevant and aligned to your business.  We determine this through various methods.

> A Transformation Audit 

> Stakeholder interviews 

> Survey analysis

> Industry benchmarks

stage 2

ideation and co-creation workshops

Bringing together teams in engaging on-site workshops, we explore how additive can innovate your business, working together to ideate concepts and build detailed business cases using our proprietary innovation tools.

> Exploring 3D printing innovation

> Additive opportunity scoping

> Ideation and co-creation

> Business case generation

stage 3

synthesis and prioritisation

From the extensive number of concepts generated, we apply a series of down-selection methodologies to identify underlying patterns of innovation and prioritise concepts by a number of different business metrics.​

> Synergy analysis

> Portfolio matrix assessment 

> Stakeholder scoring

stage 4

technology & economics analysis

Combining our proprietary analysis  and database tools along with our extensive technology knowledge, we asses each of your top concepts to determine the best 3D printing technology-fit. 

> Functional requirement analysis

> Viable material selection

> Optimal hardware configuration

> Unit and production economics

> Gap analysis and investments

stage 5

additive innovation roadmap development

So that you can take your additive innovations from concept to reality, we formulate your initiatives into a singular additive innovation strategy, containing the strategic and tactical steps needed to launch your additive concepts.

> Development and

   deployment roadmaps

> Project charters

> Partner mapping

innovation strategy

ready to find your next big innovation with 3D printing?

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